Naviservice Napoli: Naval firefighting and safety 

Naviservice Fire & Safety offers a series of comprehensive and capillary services dedicated to the naval sector, from large merchant ships to passenger ships and offshore vessels. We operate in Naples and in all Italian ports providing installation and maintenance of all firefighting systems, ranging from simple fire extinguisher to complex fixed and mobile firefighting systems. Inspections and maintenance are always carried out in compliance with IMO regulations and the vessel's flag state circulars.

Naviservice's fire-fighting solutions for the naval sector aim to provide shipowners with quality, professionalism, and efficiency in onboard safety management. We protect passengers, crew and physical assets. 

Contact us to discover how our consulting services and naval firefighting network can safeguard your maritime business with reliable solutions that are always up-to-date with industry regulations.

Naval firefighting for all types of vessels

Marine companies have specific regulatory and technical requirements. Based on customized consulting activities, we recommend the most appropriate solution for each specific vessel. We operate in Naples and all major Italian ports.

Our Fire fighting services are dedicated to:

  • Container ships
  • Tankers
  • RO-RO and PCTC ships
  • Ferries and cruise ships
  • Supply ships
  • Offshore ships

Firefighting services for the maritime sector

Naviservice Fire & Safety offers a complete service for everything related to the supply and maintenance of fire-fighting equipment and systems for the maritime sector. We are present in all Italian ports with our fire-fighting services:

  • Fire extinguishers
  • Gas suppression systems such as Co2, FM200, Novec, inert gas, aerosol
  • Detection systems
  • Self-contained breathing apparatus
  • Escape devices such as "emergency escape" (eebd)
  • Air cylinders
  • Breathing air quality testing at cylinder refill systems
  • Testing of pressure enclosures (hydrostatic testing of air cylinders, co2, nitrogen...)
  • Firefighting foam and powder analysis
  • Fire and Chemical Risk Protection Equipment
  • Foam applicator
  • Immersion suits and survival gear for marine use
  • Water mist, foam and powder extinguishing systems
  • Gas detectors